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Best 8-Volt Batteries For Golf Carts

    Best 8-Volt Batteries For Golf Carts

    Golf carts have evolved into an indispensable mode of transport for golfers and recreational usersThe battery is a very important part of how well they work. The proper battery can substantially improve your golf cart’s power, range, and lifespan. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 8-volt batteries for golf carts so that you can make an informed purchase.

    Why Choose 8 Volt Batteries?

    The 8-volt battery strikes a balance between size and capacity. They provide sufficient voltage to ensure the performance of a golf cart while maintaining a manageable size and weight. This equilibrium is crucial for preserving the cart’s speed, acceleration, and overall functionality.

    Factors To Consider When Choosing Golf Cart Batteries

    Here are the factors to consider when choosing golf cart batteries:

    Battery Type: Batteries for golf carts typically come in three distinct varieties: lead-acid, gel, and AGM (absorbent glass mat). Each type has advantages and disadvantages regarding maintenance, durability, and cost.

    Voltage and Capacity: Golf carts typically operate on 36 or 48 volts, so ensure that the batteries you select meet the voltage specifications of your cart. Capacity, measured in ampere-hours (Ah), determines how long batteries can operate before requiring a recharge. Consider your usage habits and expected range per charge.

    Brand and Quality: Choose well-known brands that are renowned for producing batteries that are dependable and long-lasting. High-quality batteries’ construction, cycle life, and efficacy are typically superior.

    Cycle Life: Cycle life is the number of times a battery can be drained and filled before it loses a lot of its power. At first, batteries that last longer may cost more, but they may be cheaper in the long run.

    Maintenance Requirements: Flooded lead-acid batteries require routine maintenance, including monitoring the cells for moisture and adding water as necessary. Gel and AGM batteries are maintenance-free but typically cost more.

    Charging Efficiency: Ensure that your golf cart’s recharge system can charge the batteries efficiently. Incompatible charging can shorten the lifespan of a battery.

    Charging Time: Consider the time necessary to completely recharge the batteries. If you need to use the golf cart frequently, having a quicker charging time may be advantageous.

    Weight: The weight of the batteries affects the total weight of the golf cart, which can change how it runs, how it handles, and how long the batteries last. Make sure that the cart can safely hold the weight of the batteries.

    Environmental Conditions: Consider the climate and environment where the golf cart will be used. Some types of batteries function better in extreme heat or humidity.

    Warranty: Check the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Longer warranties typically reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in the battery’s durability.

    Cost: It’s important to think about your budget but keep in mind that cheaper batteries may last less long and need to be changed more often, which could lead to higher costs in the long run.

    User Reviews and Recommendations: Consult the reviews of other golf cart proprietors and solicit the advice of experienced users. Their insights will allow you to make an informed decision.

    Compatibility: Ensure the selected batteries fit within the golf cart’s battery compartment and can be affixed securely.

    Safety Features: Some batteries have additional safety features, such as overcharge protection and leak-proof designs. These features can help make your golf cart and its area safer.

    Best 8-Volt Batteries For Golf Carts

    Here is the best volt battery for golf carts.

    Deep Cycle Battery Trojan T-875 8V Flooded Lead Acid GC2

    Trojan has manufactured durable, reliable deep-cycle batteries since 1925. Trojan T-875 8V Flooded Lead Acid GC2 Deep Cycle Battery is the most famous and highly regarded 8-volt golf cart battery. The Trojan T-875 is the ideal size for most golf carts and suits them all. 

    The Trojan 8-volt flooded lead-acid battery measures approximately ten inches in length, seven inches in width, and ten inches in height. It has a capacity of 225 amp hours and a cycle rate of 20 hours.

    The renowned Trojan T-875 deep cycle battery is a premium flood and deep cycle battery. Strong and dependable, The Trojan T-875 8V Deep Cycle Battery has a unique compound and a fiberglass divider.

    This battery was meticulously designed to improve performance by the Trojan company.


    • Trojan is a reputable battery manufacturer of the highest quality. A 2-year replacement warranty supports the integrity of the brand.
    • The Trojan T-875 8V Flooded Lead Acid Battery is inexpensive and works well for up to 750 charges or 200 rounds of golf. 
    • The Trojan T-875 8V employs innovative fiberglass separator technology and a unique paste formulation.
    • The Trojan T-875 8V is an exceptionally resilient and highly recommended brand.


    • Receiving the Trojan T-875 8V delivery is a protracted process that can take up to ten days.
    • The Trojan T-875 8V does not utilize common transportation methods like FedEx and UPS. 
    • The T-875 8V Deep Cycle Battery is not maintenance-free; the water level must be checked, and the connections must be cleaned.

    Where To Buy 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries?

    Golf Cart Dealerships: Frequently, local golf cart dealerships stock a variety of batteries suited to various models. They can provide expert advice and direction regarding the selection of batteries for your particular cart.

    Automotive Supply Stores: Many automotive supply stores and auto parts retailers sell golf cart batteries, particularly those specializing in batteries and electrical components.

    Online Retailers: Numerous online retailers offer an extensive selection of 8-volt golf cart batteries. Amazon, eBay, and specialized battery retailers offer a suitable way to compare prices, read reviews, and have batteries delivered to your door.

    Specialized Battery Retailers: Local or online stores selling batteries typically carry various battery types, including 8-volt golf cart batteries.

    Warehouse Clubs: Some warehouse club retailers, such as Sam’s Club and Costco, may carry golf cart batteries. Frequently, these retailers offer competitive bulk pricing.

    Local Hardware Stores: Some local hardware or home improvement stores may carry golf cart batteries in the automotive or electrical sections.

    Online Specialty Golf Cart Stores: Numerous online stores specialize in golf cart accessories and equipment. They likely carry a range of golf cart battery options.

    Distributors of Batteries: Seek out distributors and wholesalers of batteries in your area that serve multiple industries. They may provide options for volume purchases and competitive pricing.

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