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How To Iron On Patches On Jeans

    How To Iron On Patches On Jeans

    Flock vinyl is a great alternative to embroidered patches because it feels like velvet or leather and can be used in more ways.

    You can now create designs using patchwork on any fabric bag or article of apparel. It is also useful for concealing holes or tears in your trousers.

    You can fix it, and it will look as good as new! Keep reading this piece to learn how to put patches on jeans with an iron. If you can’t find store patches, you can make your own with HTV! Now is the time to start!

    What Are Patches For Jeans?

    Patches for jeans are small pieces of fabric sewn or ironed onto holes, tears, or worn-out spots on denim clothing, usually jeans. They are useful for fixing clothes and nice to look at since patches give the jeans a unique and personal style. Patches can be of different sizes, shapes, and designs, from simple solid-colored pieces to complicated names or patterns. They are often used to extend the life of jeans that have seen a lot of wear and tear or to give jeans a trendy worn-in look. Patches can be made from many materials, like denim, cotton, leather, or stitched materials.

    How To Put An Iron-On Patch On Your Jeans

    Here are the steps for putting patches on jeans that you iron on:

    Step 1: Make Your Patch To Iron On.

    Iron-on patches can now be used in more artistic ways with flock vinyl. Patches you can iron on work well with polyester and cotton cloth. But iron-on patches should not be used on rayon, silk, or nylon.

    Step 2: Cut the Patch Out

    The patch may be carved into any shape, but its edges must be rounded. Designing patches with pointed corners is not a good idea, as these corners tend to peel.

    Also, it’s best to sew over the rip in the jeans before putting on the patch.

    Step 3: Set Up Your Workspace And Ironing Board

    Remember that iron-on patches must be put on the fabric at the right time and with the right amount of heat. For example, cotton patches that need to be ironed on need the highest heat setting.

    Put your clothes on the board for ironing. Put a pressing cloth on the pant leg so the iron-on patch’s fusible web doesn’t stick to the back of the pants. You can use a cotton pillowcase or a wet towel as a pressing cloth.

    Step 4: Putting On The Heat

    Before you put the iron straight on your iron-on patch, you must ensure the jeans are smooth.You can use a tape measure to ensure that your patch is properly positioned. By placing a narrow cloth over the patch, you can protect the fabric from heat.

    Press the hot iron on top of the patch for the told time. Most directions for patches say to press for 30 seconds. You can take out the pressing cloth when the patch is fully stuck to the jeans.

    Step 5: Putting On Iron-On Designs

    The process doesn’t end when the iron-on patches are stuck to the pants. On the jean patches, you can use iron-on appliqués. Appliqués are pieces of embroidered fabric with patterns sewn onto clothing or other fabrics.

    If you have kids, you can let them decide what kind of appliqué they want on their pants. Before you put the appliqué on the jeans, you need to warm them up with an iron.

    Place a thin piece of cotton cloth on top of the appliqué. For 20 seconds, press the iron over it to hold it in place.

    Step 6: Heat The Back Of The Patch

    You need to turn your jeans inside out and heat the back of the patch and appliqué. For the appliqué to fully set, heat the patched area for 30 seconds. You might still be able to see the old tear from this side of the jeans.

    But if you turn the jeans around, you won’t see the old tear anymore. You can now see a patch and appliqué that go well together. Your pants look like they are brand new and ready to wear.

    Step 7: Whip-Stitching

    Adding a whip stitch around the edge of the patch will make it last longer. A whip-stitch is easy to do, and you don’t need a sewing machine. Not only that but putting a whip-stitch around the patch makes it look even better.

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