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How To Use Macy’s Gift Card Online?

    How To Use Macy's Gift Card Online?

    Macy’s Store is a well-known beauty, fashion, and household goods retailer in the United States. Customers frequently purchase in Macy’s physical and online stores using a Macy’s Gift Card.
    Due to unfamiliarity with the platform, using a Macy’s Gift Card online could be difficult for some users. This article will familiarize you with how to use a Macy’s Gift Card online, regardless of your familiarity with Macy’s platform.

    What’s a Macy’s Gift Card?

    Macy’s Gift Card is a card preloaded with several dollars ranging from $10 to approximately $500 that can be used as a payment method in-store and online. Macy’s stores are only located in the United States, and shipping is frequently restricted to residents of the United States.

    How To Use Macy’s Gift Card Online?

    Follow the procedures outlined below to use your Macy’s Gift Card online;

    • Check the “Apply Gift Cards” box at Checkout.
    • Input the first 15 digits of the e-Gift card number sent to your email into the Card Number domain.
    • Input the remaining digits in the CID box.
    • After entering the characters, choose the “Apply Gift Card” icon.
    • The redeemed gift card will be displayed in the payment section of the confirmation email you receive for your payment.

    What You Need To Know About Macy’s Gift Cards?

    Macy’s offers two varieties of gift cards, as do the majority of retailers:
    Physical cards—Plastic cards you receive in the mail and can transport with you to stores or used online
    E-gift cards—E-gift cards are reward codes that can be redeemed online and in-store and delivered via email.
    You may use up to five gift cards during a single purchase, regardless of the form of card in your possession. For example, if you discover a $300 dress, you can combine two $150 gift certificates to obtain it for free. Contact the retailer’s customer service for assistance if you wish to redeem more than five gift cards for a single transaction.
    Electronic gift cards and physical gift cards issued after February 8, 2022, do not have an expiration date. There is no limit to the number of times tangible cards can be reloaded (in-store only). E-gift cards can only be used for a single purchase; additional funds cannot be added.
    Only Macy’s merchandise (including shipping fees) may be purchased with a gift card. It is impossible to redeem the card for cash or transfer it to a credit card account.

    How To Buy Macy’s Gift Card?

    It is very easy to purchase a Macy’s Gift Card; all you need to do is;

    • Visit the Macy’s e-Gift Card website.
    • Select your best design.
    • You may enter a dollar amount of your choice, or select one of the displayed values.
    • The recipient’s email address must be entered.
    • Include your name, the recipient’s name, and a gift message on the form.
    • Select the Add to Cart icon.
    • If you prefer a Macy’s Gift Card in-store, you only need to visit a Macy’s store near you in the United States, select a card, and pay the attendant.

    How To Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance Online?

    You can do one of the following to check the balance on your Macy’s E-Gift Card:

    • Visit the online Macy’s Gift Card Balance checking page
    • In the “Apply Gift Cards” portion, enter the number of the e-gift card and four-digit CID numbers.
    • Complete the captcha
    • Click “View Balance”
    • If you prefer to avoid checking your balance online, contact the Macy’s Gift Card Hotline at 800-511-2752, and a customer service representative will provide the information.

    Where Can You Buy Macy’s Gift Cards?

    Between $10 and $1,000, Macy’s gift cards are available. You may acquire a Macy’s gift card in one of the following ways:
    In-store — Physical cards only
    The URLs for physical and electronic gift cards are distinct on the Macy’s website.
    E-gift vouchers only use the Macy’s app.
    By means of external websites—Although Macy’s reserves the right by law to refuse to honor these gift cards, you may use them without issue.
    If you purchase e-gift card, it will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Contact customer support at 800-289-6229 for assistance if you are still waiting to receive your gift card after verifying that the email address provided is correct and that the card did not wind up in your spam or junk folder.
    Macy’s ships tangible cards via USPS for free, but APO/FPO addresses and PO Boxes are unacceptable for delivery.

    Where To Find Macy’s Gift Cards for Free?

    Are you in love with the merchandise at Macy’s but less with the prices? That doesn’t mean you should give up on an item that piques your interest; you can still acquire it without going bankrupt.
    With a gift card, you can remain frugal and still purchase the shirt you’re confident will appear fantastic.
    This is not Imagination land; “free” does not imply someone is giving something away. You’ll have to put in some effort, but if you choose your steps carefully, the work will be minimal, and the reward will be worthwhile.
    Many popular social media profiles, particularly fashion influencers, host giveaways with gift cards as prizes on their profiles. You can use a hashtag search to locate someone running a Macy’s giveaway and participate in the competition. To qualify, you must like a post and follow a page, despite the low likelihood of success.

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